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are you ever just really proud of someone that you dont even know?

I think a lot of times about whether or not he and the guys ever thought they would be as big as they are now. I can only imagine the feeling of playing a show to a packed crowd and being able to just let the audience sing the whole setlist if they wanted to.


Always reblog the creator

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Art by Ivan Kamargio

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Ivan Kamargio is a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator from Mexico. The style of imagery in his art is defined by the macabre and the surreal. We’ve got an array of skulls and metamorphosis of women into exotic birds. When you look closely at the way he manipulates his pencil you can see a great level of skill, particularly, in his shading and his use of contrast between light and dark

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all i want is pizza and a relationship is that too much to ask for

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Ellen + 2014 Photoshoots

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I really want to try this…but I’d probably fuck it up.

Fun as hell in light, front wheel drive cars. Try it in a parking lot somewhere deserted. I’ve done it. It’s totally fun.

Ellen Page for W Magazine, October 2014.

Ellen Page for W Magazine, October 2014.

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