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With the latest release, we have a new, awesome way to find your friends. When you browse with your friends, you’ll introduce them to great new stories, photos, or videos. When you wtf? something, they’ll see the story and your reaction in their feed. If they react to the same story, and we bet…

To the Rockmelt team:
Please release an updated desktop version soon. There are features that I like to use daily, but the things that keep not working for lack of updates is getting the better of me. Image viewer doesn’t work, flash crashes regularly, and a lot of my extensions won’t work on it anymore. I really want to keep using your product, but I am coming to realize that it is going to be extremely hard soon. I love the idea of a social browser. Absolutely love it, but if you don’t put out the product, you’ll lose all those that you won over during the beta period, including myself and multiple friends that I got hooked on your browser. I remember when you first put it out, you were updating constantly. What happened?